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Please browse the items we have for sale and let us know if you have suggestions for adding equipment to our online paragliding shop. While many of our items are in stock, items that aren’t may be ordered. Please expect delivery times to vary, we do our best to ensure you receive your items as soon as possible. Selling high quality gear and maintaining high quality customer service are critical for Air Addict Paragliding, please let us know if you see any way we may improve our services.


While we can supply many different brands of equipment, we have chosen a few as manufacturers that truly stand out in the industry. Our choices have been based on quality of product, as well as customer service. While our online store is available to all, we strongly encourage you to purchase gear through your instructor. By supporting local schools and dealers you will be helping to keep paragliding instruction available to your community.


We are proud to have been selected as the US importer for Sky Paragliders of the Czech Republic, a company that has been producing top quality paragliding gear since 1988. If you are a paragliding instructor or dealer in the USA and are interested in setting up a dealership for Sky Paragliders, please contact us through the contact form below.


Many long and happy flights!


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