Gii 2 New Gen


We present a second generation of our popular school harness GII 2. Reduced straps, enlarged airbag and padding for more comfort are just few of numerous upgrades our designers prepared for you. The harnesses are designed in three sizes covering pilots from 150 to 200 cm of height, being an excellent choice not only for flying schools and beginning pilots, but as well for all who just like simple solutions. GII 2 can be used as a tandem passenger harness and make a complete set with the TWIN harness.

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Gii 2 / Gii 2 front / Gii 2 alpha

The Gii 2 family:

The Gii 2 is now available in three versions. All are based on the already proven Gii 2 ‘chasis’ and concept. That is to say, comfort, security, simplicity, ease of use, style and durability are what these harnesses are all about and all the Gii 2 harnesses have these features in Spades.

Aimed at paragliding schools, tandem passengers and pilots who need things to be simple, light and durable, there is a version to fit all tastes and requirements.

Three versatile solutions are available in three sizes covering pilots from 150 to 200 cm tall:

Gii 2 – Airbag protection with underseat integrated reserve container

Gii 2 front – Airbag protection, no integrated reserve container. Front container optional

Gii 2 alpha – Foam back protector with intergrated underseat reserve container

The main distinctive features are:

  • High stability in turbulence
  • High safety level
  • Airbag or foam back protection
  • Simple set up
  • Easy transition from take off to in-flight position
  • Low weight (alpha 3.15 kg in M size)
  • Produced in three sizes S, M and L (150 cm to 200 cm of pilot’s height)
  • Laser cutting technology, sealing all seams
  • Certification EN/LTF.

The harnesses are delivered with:

  • Handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit
  • Sky USB flash drive manual

Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness – reserve connection.

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Gii 2, Gii 2 Front, Gii Alpha


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