Reverse Speedbag (attachable pod)


This removable speedbag is designed to fit the REVERSE 3 and previous model REVERSE 2 harnesses.

It is made from lightweight neoprene fabric and is easy to fit and remove. It has two small plastic buckles to close the slot and a polypropylene foot rest with inflatable ‘nose cone’.

The speedbag allows you to put your feet in easily and can be closed immediately after take-off. The system is easy to tighten later with just one hand.

Available in 2 sizes: S-M, L-XL, depending on your harness.

Main characteristic features:

Quick and easy connection to the harness with loops and maillons
Easy closing system
Light material
Adjustable in length
Very low weight: 590 g in S-M size and 620 g in L-XL size
Speedbag is delivered with:
Speed system

A plus for performance addicts…