P3 Intermediate Paraglider Rating Course – USHPA


The P3 Paraglider Pilot rating will be issued to only those pilots that meet the basic minimum requirements of the USHPA. To qualify for the Intermediate Paragliding Pilot P3 rating, a pilot will be required to demontrate all of the requirements set forth by the USHPA (see P3 Requirements). There are a minimum of two flying days required and two classroom days. Optimally, the flying and classroom time will be accomplished within the same two days. The main focus of this course is to create safe intermediate pilots. There is a strong focus on ground handling and flying as well as a significant approach to thermalling and flight planning. Each student is provided with a syllabus and all of the necessary forms required to obtain a USHPA P3 Intermediate Paraglider Pilot rating.

The P3 course costs $375 and payment is required prior to the first class. Please see our cancellation policy for information relating to refunds and rescheduling.

Forms of payment include check, cash, or payment via Paypal. Please contact us for schedule availability.

P2 or equivilent rating/experience
Minimum of 20 hours of solo air time
Minimum of 30 flying days
Minimum of 90 flights