P2 Novice Paraglider Rating Course – USHPA


The P2 course is where most people start. This course covers everything an aspiring paraglider pilot needs for flying safely at many flying sites around the world. Basic skill development, ground handling, academic classes and field trips are among what you will garnish from taking these classes. Upon completion, P2 pilots will have the necessary skills to fly at all USHPA regulated P2 sites and will have a great foundation for future ratings.

The P2 Paraglider Pilot course usually takes approximately two months to complete. There are ten days of scheduled classes, four are in the classroom, four days are at the training hill and an additional two days of flying, one at a coastal site and another at an inland thermal site. The main focus of this course is to create safe novice pilots. There is a strong focus on ground handling and flying as well as a significant academic approach. Each student is provided with a syllabus, text book, flight log, and all of the necessary forms required to obtain a USHPA P2 Novice Paraglider Pilot rating. To qualify for the Novice Paragliding Pilot P2 rating, a pilot will be required to demontrate all of the requirements set forth by the USHPA (see P2 Requirements).

Payment is required prior to the first class. Please see our cancellation policy for information relating to refunds and rescheduling. We do offer single day introductory lessons for $200. This may be applied towards a P2 course if the course will be scheduled to commence within the following thirty days.

Forms of payment include check, cash, or payment via Paypal. Please contact us for schedule availability.