P1 Beginner Paraglider Rating Course – USHPA


This is a three day introductory course designed for you to achieve the USHPA P1 Beginner Paraglider rating. During this course you will be at the training hill each day, as well as spending time in the classroom. Lessons at the hill include ground handling (kiting) techniques, safety, and a guarantee of a minimum of three total solo flights from the top of the 200′ hill! Students must have the physical ability to hike to the top of the training hill at least once per day for this rating. Classroom lessons are Introductions to Aerodynamics, Weather, FAA Regulations and Airspace, Safety, and Reserve Parachute topics.
The cost of this package is fully creditable toward the P2 course, if purchased within 30 days from the first class of the P1 course!