Flytec 6005

With its ergonomic operation and straightforward display, the 6005 provides essential flight information with minimal technological distraction. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensor and processor technology, the 6005 provides extremely precise and highly sensitive altimeter, variometer and chronometric functions.

The 6005 is very compact, rugged and sleekly styled making it perfect for the new pilot, minimalist experienced pilots, as well as trike and ultralight pilots. 200+ hour battery life means you don’t need to think about the batteries very often.


  • 3 altimeters
  • Digital and analog variometer
  • Smart-filter technology
  • User customizable audio
  • 5 full-time data fields
  • Always-on real-time clock
  • Ambient temperature
  • Battery life over 250 hours (2xAA)
  • Airspeed sensor ready
  • Compact and light with superb ergonomics and styling
  • 2 year warranty