Anakis 2

The Anakis 1 was a great glider and Sky has once again exceeded expectations with the Anakis 2. Improved performance with great handling and safety, this is the best all around paraglider on the market. Whether you choose to go on long cross country flights, or just float around at coastal sites, you will love how easy this wing is to ground handle and fly!

One of the safest and lightest of the fully featured paragliders available, and with great performance!

Please remember to mention size and color choice when checking out!




ANAKIS 2 is the successor of the first generation of this well known and popular entry level/intermediate EN-B/LTF-B glider. It’s predecessor was brilliant, so the successor must be even better – an extremely demanding task.

It was not the R&D teams goal to increase speed and glide ratio just to have an impressive datasheet for marketing purposes. The improvements of the ANAKIS 2 can be found mainly in improved efficiency, homogenity and even more pleasure in flight. Because only a pilot in total harmony with his wing is able to use his glider´s full potential.

ANAKIS 2 allows pilots to easily utilise the wing’s full performance and use it to the max, safely and securely.

The main distinctive features are:


  • High precision turns and handling
  • Secure feel handling
  • Progressive and precise brake handling
  • Excellent glide ratio at maximal speed
  • Very easy take-off
  • Performance
  • High level of passive safety
  • Low weight (4.45 kg in M size)
  • State of the art manufacturing and high quality


To test fly the ANAKIS 2, is to believe it, rather than us talking about it. Check with your local dealer or importer and book your test-flights.

ANAKIS 2 is the glider for pilots:

  • who wish to become independent and confident. It’s the wing for first thermal and cross country flights.
  • who look for a simple, easy and fun way to fly glider.
  • who like to fly fully relaxed and focus on their flight – not on the glider
  • who look for a versatile wing for daily flights or hike and fly with suitable performance.


ANAKIS 2 is an EN B and LTF-B certified wing. Its aspect ratio is limited in order to provide good homogenity and excellent behavior. ANAKIS 2 will make you feel comfortable with high passive safety and a great amount of usable performance.

Each glider is delivered with:

  • Porter bag
  • T-shirt SKY TEAM
  • USB flash drive with manual

ANAKIS 2 is created to demonstrate that it is possible to design a safe, reasonable and easy glider, which provides 100% enjoyment and fun.


Anakis 2 S M L XL
Layout (m2) 23,20 25,10 26,80 29,00
Layout span (m) 10,72 11,15 11,52 11,98
Layout aspect ratio 4,95 4,95 4,95 4,95
Projected surface (m2) 20,57 22,25 23,77 25,71
Projected span (m) 8,86 9,22 9,52 9,90
Projected aspect ratio 3,82 3,82 3,82 3,82
Number of cells 46 46 46 46
Weight of the glider (kg) 4,20 4,45 4,70 4,95
Take-off weight (kg) 58-80 73-95 88-110 103-130
Trimspeed (km/h) 37 37 37 37
Min. speed (km/h) 23 23 23 23
Max. speed (km/h) 50 50 50 50
Max. gliding ratio >8,5 >8,5 >8,5 >8,5
Min. sink rate (m/s) <1,15 <1,15 <1,15 <1,15
Certification EN EN B EN B EN B EN B
Certification LTF LTF B LTF B LTF B LTF B